what is the first step to marketing
What is the First Step to Marketing?

Creative without strategy is called ‘art’. Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’. – Jeff Richards

When you’re revamping your marketing, it can be difficult to tell where to start. What should you be posting to social media? Should you improve your website? What comes first?

The first step isn’t a social post or a website change. It’s not a mail distribution campaign or an advertisement. Before you begin any marketing, your company should first research your current marketing.

If you already have a logo, a website, social media accounts, or collateral, you should do an audit of your current marketing before doing anything else. An audit has nothing to do with what you think about your marketing – it has everything to do with what your target audience thinks about your marketing and the specific analytics that you are producing on a daily basis.

  • Audit your logo.

Even if you and your team may think you have the best logo in the world, auditing your logo has very little to do with your own feedback. Completing an audit of your logo involves emailing or sending questionnaires to your current clients and target demographic. After you receive their feedback, this is where constructive internal feedback is crucial. Have a professional marketing company create a brand guide with the brand colors, shapes, and professionalism that your brand deserves – a design that encourages action and proudly displays your credibility.

  • Audit your collateral.

Are your vehicle wraps and flyers producing the results that you need to produce a positive return on your investment by at least 50%? If not, it’s time to consult with a professional who can help you increase your profits.

  • Audit your website.

How many leads is your website producing every month? If you aren’t consistently receiving phone calls and contact form submissions on your website, it’s time to rethink your strategy. A website is a lot more than an online business card. You can complete a free website audit by clicking here.

  • Audit your social media.

Like every other form of marketing, your goal on social media should be to produce results. You can have a professional review your social media sites like Houzz, Facebook, and LinkedIn, to provide you with a report detailing a number of impressions you are receiving, your engagement rates, and contact form submissions.

These are just a few areas that you should audit before beginning any marketing campaign. Too often, businesses focus on what looks good and less on what produces results. In reality – every form of your marketing should produce results. If not, it’s time to address it so you can continue to grow your business and gain trust.

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