What Are Some Examples of Good Graphic Design in Social Media?
What Are Some Examples of Good Graphic Design in Social Media?

Social media is considered to be visually-led which leads to the success of platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Humans are visual beings by nature and there are hundreds of neurons inside the brain focused on visually processing an image, made up of about 30% of the entire cortex.

Creating informative content is important, but it also needs to stand out. To do that, you need to make it visually memorable to your audience. When it comes to social media marketing, creating a graphic design is one of the most crucial and vital parts of planning a project because nice visuals grab your audience’s attention.

So why is this visual content important in social media?


It is important to understand the psychology of why photos draw people’s attention to it compared to just texts. There are two main reasons why image marketing has increased its dominance online.

First, photos have a strong connection to people’s emotions and it has the power to pull them in. The right photo can bring out different human emotions and it can deliver information that is focused on a single thought.

Second, content overload. Social media audiences tend to have shorter attention spans in terms of taking in information. Photos can solve this problem because they are interesting and easier to remember.


Creating original and unique illustrations gives your content that extra edge to stand out in social media because when these are consistently used on social media platforms, people will start recognizing brands. In a highly saturated digital marketing industry, brands need to stand out and this can be done by staying consistent and true with your content and branding.

Graphics also help strengthen and heighten a brand’s status in the eyes of their audience by making their websites and social media pages look professional, stylish, and unique. Having the right graphics attracts your target market.

Here are some examples of good graphic design in social media:

1. Grammarly uses cleverness and humor to grab their audience’s attention.

Grammarly — the “grammar nazi” writing app that finds and suggests corrections to grammatical errors in text knows that entertaining and funny posts on social media can win people engagements. They post thought-provoking and witty blog posts that aren’t limited to the knowledge of a professional editor. An example is a post titled “How to Talk Like a Pirate.”

Their blog posts are optimized for Facebook, with posts having short text accompanied by interesting photos or graphics.

2. Headspace focuses on its consistent design and strong brand identity.

Headspace — a non-profit organization raising mental health awareness and offers support services. Their Instagram account projects minimalist illustrations and animations to show their advocacy and encourage their audience to meditate. They make use of negative space and bold colors to draw the people’s attention while incorporating the brand’s simplicity.

5 effective social media graphic design tips:

1. Make sure that your social media posts are in-line with the business’ branding.

The tone of a social media post, from the content to the visual, should stay in-line with the business’ brand. This includes the typeface, image subject, and color palette. Keep in mind that everything the audience sees across your social media platform pages should reflect that of the brand’s character and feel.

2. Custom-made image design and sizes for each social media platform page is important.

Creating custom-made image designs for social media platforms is important in making posts more appealing to the audience, especially when planning a campaign for products or brands. Between various social media platforms, having the correct image sizes is vital for optimization. Considering image sizes is the most important element that influences how an image will appear on a social media post.

3. Goal Setting — to get engagement, provide tips, promote a product, or drive traffic to your website.

Think like your audience and ask what they need. If a brand is focused on digital marketing, create a post that centers around the latest trends related to that industry or provide tips on how to create an effective campaign.

Consider giving something back to the community by creating a giveaway or contest. This will bring traffic to your website while promoting a product and is also a good practice.

4. Design-wise – make sure that text size and the font is readable via mobile.

Typography is key because it establishes clear communication to your audience. Accessibility is equally important too. According to Tech Jury, there is about 52.1% mobile market share compared to desktop’s share of 44.2% worldwide.

Nowadays, mobile devices are the leading source of web traffic in the U.S. alone and 63% of this traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it is a must to have your content, text and graphic design included, readable in mobile devices.

5. Negative space or White space isn’t bad.

Negative space, also known as white space, creates an important element in making your graphic design attractive and effective. One, this separates and groups elements. Space is also used to separate a character from the rest in your graphic making it easy to comprehend.

It also implies sophistication and elegance because, when used, becomes a central element in a design.

One of the best ways to look for graphic design inspiration is through browsing the latest design trends. You can invest a little time going through the social media pages of the top brands in the industry you’re related to and take note of the elements that capture your attention. Get out there and learn from various design techniques. Visual graphics are an important part of a social media marketing strategy. Creating a good graphic design means taking into account marketing goals and the brand’s image when creating social media posts.

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