should construction companies use twitter
Should Construction Companies Use Twitter?

Twitter is not a technology. It’s a conversation. And it’s happening with or without you.” -@charleneli

With other social platforms like HouzzLinkedIn, and Facebook, many construction companies aren’t even thinking about using Twitter. There are over 67 million Twitter users in the United States and most users expect to see construction brands on the platform. However, larger construction brands are typically the only companies with a Twitter presence. This presents an opportunity for small to mid-sized construction companies who are actively using social media.

Twitter will help you increase your search engine rankings.

You probably already know that your website can be indexed by Google, but did you know that your tweets are indexable also? Using keywords in your tweets can be a great way to increase your brand recognition and website traffic. Most Twitter users who are regularly linking their blog in their tweets can expect to receive up to 30% of their website traffic from Twitter. The more traffic your website gets, the higher your website placement will be in the search results.

Twitter will help you spy on competitors.

We mentioned that most larger construction companies are on Twitter, but small to mid-sized construction companies are starting to jump on board with the social platform, as well. You can search for your competitors in Twitter and keep an eye on the projects they are working on, their news reports, and possible customers who are engaging with them.

Twitter will help you connect with customers.

According to Twitter, 74% of people who follow a brand on Twitter do so to get product updates. By posting updates regularly and sharing with your audience, it’s much easier to create the transparency that your brand needs in order to increase relationship-based satisfaction. When Twitter users have a question, they are much more likely to tweet about it than they are to call or email you. Establishing a strong Twitter presence is a great way to show your customers that you care.

Twitter will help you increase sales.

Did you know that other construction companies are using Twitter as a prospecting tool? You can easily search for users who are tweeting about “building a house” or “needing home repairs”. On top of prospecting, 50% of your followers are more likely to buy or sign up for services from the brands they follow.

Twitter will help you learn about industry news.

You can follow your favorite industry news sources and receive update alerts straight to your phone when something impactful changes in your industry. This will help you stay in-the-know and boost your credibility and a knowledgeable expert in construction.

While we just mentioned 5 reasons why construction companies should use Twitter, the reasons do not stop there. Most of your customers who use Twitter are expecting to use the platform when they have questions or need customer service. It’s more important than ever to be where your customers are on social media.

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