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How to use Facebook Live for your business?

Facebook Live was launched in April of 2016 as a live video streaming feature that allows users to broadcast from their mobile devices to their news feed. This paved the way for an opportunity to let users engage with their audiences in real-time.


how to use facebook live for brand marketing


Nowadays, Facebook Live is popular for most businesses and has become a trend for digital marketers. Businesses that use this feature can customize and have control of their audience once their live video has ended, and page followers would get a notification when either a page or a user goes online.

How to use Facebook Live for your business?


1. Build a connection and engage with your audience

What better way to connect with your audience and followers than a live video? It’s the closest thing to meeting your potential customers in person because the event is happening in real-time and face-to-face with multiple audience members at once.

Facebook Live gives you an opportunity to show that behind your business is a dedicated and caring team. With this, you can earn your audience’s trust and build a better relationship with them.


2. As content

Think of Facebook Live as a way of providing content to your audience by providing relevant information through a video. You can do this by showcasing your brand and product. What are your business and brand objectives that you want for your audience to know? Keep in mind the importance of letting them know about this because this will help you gain their trust.


3. Share your story and show your brand’s personality

A unique way to use Facebook Live for your business is by showing your audience your story and brand personality. An effective and creative way of doing this is by organizing a small event that provides a glimpse into your company and your team.


An example of this is BuzzFeed’s live dance party, and engaging their audience by asking for their votes and suggestions which is a fun way to gather more viewers.


how to use facebook live for marketing
4. Give your audience a taste of your company culture and values
Another way of letting your audience get an insight into your company is by giving them a taste of its culture and values. You can stream a live video by showing your office space, strolling around, and interviewing your clients, customers, or team members.

How about showing a behind the scenes of your product photo session or video shoot? This is a great strategy to grow your business by sharing relevant information to your audience.


5. Real-time Q&A

Facebook Live allows you to engage with your audience by hosting a Q&A show allowing you to answer audience questions about you and your brand. This is also an opportunity for you to discuss the products or services that most of your viewers are most interested in.


Creating a series of shows will also keep your audience waiting for your live videos. This is an efficient marketing strategy because you can talk about your different or less well-known products and answer their questions as they come up.


6. An inside look at your event for those who couldn’t attend in person

Another great way of using Facebook Live is sharing a live video of your event and connecting with your audience who couldn’t attend in person. An example is broadcasting your guest speaker’s talk at your workshop – those who weren’t able to make it can still learn from the day’s event.


Another example is joining an expo that relates to your products or services, and taking a live video of the event. You can showcase the products you have for the expo. This is also a great way to strike up your audience’s interest to attend the event.


7. Run a contest

A surefire way to increase your brand awareness and engagement is by running a contest. Using Facebook Live video to share your contest rules and winners will attract views not just from those who participated but also their family and friends. This is an excellent way of expanding your viewing audience.


8. Share industry-related updates and trends

A natural way of building trust and relationship with your audience on Facebook is by sharing industry-related updates and trends that are not sales-focused. For example, give tips on how to use social media marketing strategies for small businesses.


You’ll never run out of the latest and most trending topics on the internet because there is always something new every day. This is an easy way to capture more audience and do real-time social media marketing.


9. Make fun demonstrations

Start by creating a Facebook Live video of fun demonstrations of core skills where your audience can learn from, and always keep in mind to make it real. To make your demonstration videos real, never skip over steps where challenges arise and people would face.


Performing demonstration videos in real-time make it easier for your audience to connect and determine the issues that they may face. An example of this is sharing your product information and tips on how to use them easier.


10. Live product sale or selling

A great way to market your products is by having a live video sale. Your audience can get information on which products are on sale, and which are the new products or services. This is pretty simple to do yet very effective.


There are more than 3.5 billion live broadcasts created by Facebook users, and nearly 2 billion people have watched those live broadcasts. Facebook Live videos receive about 150 billion responses from audiences, according to the social media platform’s report.

how to use facebook live videos for marketing
Facebook is a platform with a lot to offer in terms of social media marketing and increasing your brand awareness by creating compelling, interesting, and creative real-time videos will surely make a huge splash for your business. This guide will take you on the right path to maximizing the use of Facebook Live videos.

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