Combining SEO with PPC for better results
Combining SEO with PPC for Better Results

Too often, businesses try to choose either search engine optimization or pay per click marketing. In reality, using both forms of marketing in conjunction with each other is the best way to create a strategy that surpasses your competitors. After doing the research into the best keywords to use on your page (we recommend as a keyword research tool), prioritize the best keywords to incorporate into your PPC strategy on Bing and Google Adwords.

Ensure your keywords on the page are targeted enough for a relevant ad, and for targeted organic traffic. Look for the most expensive keywords to use in your organic SEO, and the less expensive keywords to use in your pay per click marketing. This is a great tactic to use especially if you have an older and more established domain. Track the keywords that you’re ranking for in both organic and paid marketing monthly to determine how to shift your strategy.

Experiment with different landing pages and paid content with A/B testing to ensure optimal results in all of your campaigns. When a visitor accesses your page via organic or paid search, you can install a retargeting pixel so they will see your ads throughout the web long after they leave the site. Just like the tried and trusted “7 touch rule” is found in sales, the more that your online prospects see your brand and how it can benefit them, the more likely they are to convert.

Combining all of your marketing strategies into one can be a great way to achieve the results that help you meet your goals. PPC and SEO can also be strategically combined with your email marketing, SMS marketing, and social advertising campaigns.

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