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Client Spotlight: SuperFi


Have you ever entered a store of coffeeshop, and connected to their WiFi? SuperFi is revolutionizing this process for retail chains and restaurants by transforming WiFi into an agile marketing tool.

In order to access WiFi, customers must first view a promotional page, provide their email address to enroll in a targeted email list, enter their phone number to grow an SMS campaign, or submit a survey.

What’s even more super, is that pixels can be added to the campaign for tracking the demographics of visitors, setting up retargeted ads, and more. Companies can even track store traffic with SuperFi, regardless of whether or not visitors connect to WiFi.

Since we began working with SuperFi, their revenue has increased by 88%. 31% of their website traffic is from search engines, and their team continues to grow substantially! We’re proud to be an extended part of their team and continued growth.

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